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Category Archives: Fall 2015

Diane von Furstenberg

Belgium born fashion designer, Diane von Furstenberg has enjoyed decades of success and staying power, worldwide, by remaining true to her original design concept—to celebrate and empower women through fashion.

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Roadside Treasures

Oftentimes, the things we treasure most cannot be measured by dollar signs, rather, by the emotions they evoke when we look at them, touch them and admire them for the memories they’ve created.

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Super Foods

When it comes to fall cooking, resist the urge to succumb to the season’s high-calorie comfort foods and get to know the latest crop of nutrient-packed ingredients.

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Barbara Corcoran

On the surface, she may be known as a tenacious business woman who holds her own on TV’s “Shark Tank.” But underneath that tough exterior beats the heart of a savvy, whip-smart professional whose business acumen is tempered by a down-to-earth approach to work and play.

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Nicole Miller

Since opening her first boutique on Madison Avenue in 1986, fashion designer Nicole Miller has designed for some of the highest profile celebrity fashionistas— from Beyoncé to Barbie—and even has a new line of shoes, handbags and home furnishings. But these days, Miller isn’t simply content making the world a more beautiful place on the runways. Her focus has also been on the waterways.

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Greenport Village

Greenport is home to a number of bed and breakfasts, most within walking distance of the historical district – complete with shopping, restaurants and the beloved Mitchell Park.

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